10 Crazy Student & Teacher Whisper Confessions

Whisper has some pretty crazy confessions from people posting anonymously. Here are a few we found on their website about college life.

1. The Matchmaking Professor
If you ever wanted a real-life cupid, this professor has your back.

2. lim ax = a lim x=?
“College is hard,” said every student ever. This student found a hack, that we don’t condone, but it worked out for them.

3. Unprofessional Professor
Um…… We’ll just let you read it.

4. Chemicals Are Dangerous
This science professor might have  seemed a little out there, but who would have guessed that this was why?

5. Breakups Are Tough
We’ve all secretly been there…

6. Shy Guy Problems 
You’re supposed to learn stuff and flirt? Navigating college is a journey.

7. Resident Advisor
Wow, that took an unexpected turn!

8. It’s Like Watching a Dog Walk On Its Hind Legs!
Janis Ian from Mean Girls described the situation favorably, but have you ever stopped to think what it’s like for professors when you run into them outside of class?

9. The Introvert’s Secret Weapon
This is a nifty trick when you’re trying to get to class and not feeling particularly loquacious on the way there.

10. Watch out for that…
This may have cost a pretty penny, but it seems like it turned out to be worth it! We wonder how it turned out for the pole.

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