We bet you are excited to begin classes and move into your dorm room, but you still have a few weeks left of summer. Why not get your dorm decorations ready? DIY projects are super fun and you get to show off to all your friends! We searched for some of the coolest DIY dorm deco projects, for you to use, courtesy of Pinterest!

1. Light up your room with some fun and colorful lights.

These are are sure to start up conversation, with the opener, “who knew ping pong balls weren’t just for playing games”!


Click here to find out how to make these fun lights for your room!

2.  Transform your room using washi tape!


Click here to see all the different ways washi tape can be used!

3. Give yourself some privacy with a new dorm bed canopy!


Find out how to make it here!

4. Make a colorful rainbow using paint chips or samples!


Head down to your local hardware store and ask for some paint samples or paint chips, using your imagination, create a colorful design to attach to your wall!

5. Create a cool, organized desk supply holder using emptied Pringle cans! First you snack, and then you stack!


Click here to make your very own!