Many people hear “climate change” and think “what’s the point?” So here are a few… four to be exact.
You may have heard about climate change, but do you know what actually causes it? The “greenhouse effect” is when gases get trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere and get heated by the sun. This increases the earth’s temperature & is what causes the climate to change.

Why you should be concerned

Climate change doesn’t just going from hot to cold (or vice versa), it also affects:

The oceans— because of climate change, the earths temperature is overheating which causes glaciers in places that should be cold to melt which affects the animals that live there.

The weather— because of climate change, the weather is sporadic and there are more natural disasters.

Our food sources— because of climate change, the land that is needed for crops are dryer than usual. Causing less food production.

Our overall health— because of climate change and the greenhouse effect, there is more pollution, or “smog” in the air. This can affect our lungs, causing asthma and other illnesses.

Click here to watch this short video on climate change and the greenhouse effect.  

How you can help make a difference (from your very own dorm room)

  • Sharing your mini-fridge with your roommate, so that there’s less energy being used. Consider getting the MicroChill® or Large Refrigerator — that way everyone’s food fits comfortably!
  • Unplug any appliances when you’re not using them, such as coffee maker, phone chargers or lamps. Remember: microwaves should stay plugged in directly into the wall, not into power strips because it can overpower and cause a fire!
  • Conserve energy by using your AC/heater, or lights less often. You can also consider purchasing a drying rack to avoid using the school dryer after you wash your clothes. 
  • Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! Paper, plastics and cardboard are all acceptable items to recycle, just remember to always rinse out/remove food from anything you’re about to recycle. If you’re unsure of what is recyclable in NYC, check out this list. Need a recycling bin? Click here
  • Conserve water by taking shorter showers or investing in a water filter & filling up a water pitcher (which you can keep cold in your fridge), instead of buying packs of water bottles. You can also keep a reusable water bottle with you for when you’re on the go!
  • Recycle decorations, furniture, school supplies, etc. This reduces the gas emissions from manufacturers making and transferring products. Next time you need “new” items, try getting hand me downs from friends/family members, or going to second hand stores!

YES— it takes a few extra steps to do these things, and it might seem like an inconvenience in your day. But, it’s a long-term investment. One in which you won’t immediately see, but the next generation might. It only takes just a few extra minutes in your day to give back to the earth. Remember, there is no “Planet B.”