5 Meals You Can Make in Your College Dorm Room

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Making the transition from home to college comes with plenty of new changes. Before the school year began, you might have heard that your next four years of school will consist of instant ramen noodles and Hot Pockets, but that’s not completely true. Living in a dorm room doesn’t necessarily mean suffering through all the instant, frozen and cafeteria food you’ve had this past semester; it’s time now to get creative.

Here are 5 awesome meals you can make right in your dorm room:

  • Eggs in a Mug

They weren’t lying when they said breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Instead of waiting in line at the cafeteria for an omelet, just make it yourself! This super easy recipe allows you to cook an awesome breakfast in a coffee mug. Cute AND delicious. This recipe comes from Spoon University, but feel free to throw in whatever goodies you want!

  • Mug Muffins

Kirbie’s Cravings discovered an awesome (and delicious) way to make blueberry muffins in your dorm room microwave! Check out the recipe here!

  • Tuna Wraps (Mediterranean Style)

Avoid the Freshman 15 by choosing to stray from the instant foods and whip up some healthy and tasty tuna wraps! All of the ingredients can be stored in your mini-fridge and made in a timely fashion. Check out A Pinch of Healthy’s recipe for a Mediterranean-styled tuna wrap.

  • Mug Mac & Cheese

Can’t get enough of mug recipes? Us either. This version of Mug Mac & Cheese uses real ingredients instead of what you’ll find in a box. See for yourself!

  • Iron-Style Grilled Cheese

This innovative way to make grilled cheese in your dorm is definitely a favorite. Who knew an iron could be used for more than keeping your clothes wrinkle-free? On those cold winter nights, you can get the comfort of a homemade grilled cheese without having to go home for it. Cute DIY Project nailed this one. Learn how to make it here.

Have awesome dorm room recipes of your own? Reach out to us on Faebook or Twitter and let us know!