Mean Green MicroChill® Machine

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With the fall semester right around the corner, you’re going to need something that will help you get through late night study sessions, lunch breaks, and everyday dorm life. What could possibly help with all of the above? It sounds like you need an appliance that is a triple threat, aka the ultimate dorm necessity. You need the MicroChill®, and lucky for you, your friends at Door To Dorm can hook you up. We offer the best college dorm refrigerators for students in the New York City area. Check out the schools we services here.

Let’s take a quick recap of what makes this appliance a triple threat:

  1. Microwave – Check
  2. Refrigerator – Check
  3. Freezer – Check

So why give this appliance the honorable nickname “Mean Green MicroChill® Machine”? It is among the leading college dorm refrigerators that many students love having.

Also, the MicroChill® is the Industry leader in Eco-Friendly compact college dorm refrigerators and combination appliances. Not only is it energy efficient and space-saving, but it also requires a single plug for three appliances that every college student needs. This space-saving design is perfect for a single dorm room, plus it can be available for a single semester or all year-long rentals (save money and get the best value with a year-long rental)!

This three-in-one unit makes eating easy and economical, with a freezer compartment coupled with a refrigerator. This allows for more food storage/preservation options. Plus, the microwave ensures that this food will actually get eaten!

Avoid the stress and strain of worrying about purchasing a refrigerator, and having to move it in and out of your dorm room. Contact the college dorm refrigerator experts at Door To Dorm.

If you aren’t convinced yet, let us remind you that our refrigerator rentals are delivered directly to your residence hall at a time and date that coincides with your move-in schedule! We literally make it easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Save money by renting for the whole year! Click here to reserve your very own MicroChill® for this upcoming semester.