Instagram-Worthy Fall Activities

1. Tailgating

Students should participate in the tailgating experience at some point in their lives if possible. Even if you are not a big sports fan, tailgating is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people. Not much is needed to participate, however, a few key items can go a long way.  Sport your school team’s shirt, colors or any other swag you might have to instantly show your support. Drinks and snacks are also a great way to share in the fun and to hold you down until the big game. Also, don’t forget to check the weather in case you need to bundle up or bring an umbrella. 

2. Hiking

Now that the summer heat has subsided, take advantage of the crisp air and go on a group hike, before it gets too cold! Many places offer guided hikes that you can sign up for. Dress appropriately in good walking shoes and sunscreen. Depending on your area you may need bug spray. Also, don’t forget plenty of water and a couple of protein snacks in case you get hungry on the trail. 

3. Outdoor Music Concerts & Festivals

There’s nothing like enjoying outdoor music with your friends. Fall is the perfect time of year to attend an outdoor concert or music festival with your best buds. If you plan ahead you can get less expensive tickets early, however, many cities offer free outdoor events in their communities. An outdoor event must-have is a blanket that’s easy to fold and carry. If permitted, pack your own picnic snacks to save money. 

4. Orchard Picking

If you’re able to get out of the city just a bit, many local orchids allow for a fun afternoon of picking- whether it be apples, cherries, or something of the sort! It’s a great way to enjoy the beauty of fall and nature and you also get to take home some of the fruits of your labor. You can use your pickings to bake a traditional pie or use them for something smaller such as tarts or a festive drink garnish. Store your leftover fruit, or pie in your Door To Dorm fridge!  

5. Pumpkin Patch

Your local pumpkin patch is a great way to spend an afternoon. Many offer good old fashion activities in addition to pumpkin picking and corn mazes. Some pumpkin patches feature hayrides and petting zoos. Just like county fairs, many pumpkin patches sell delicious comfort food like BBQ, funnel cakes and more. If you plan on leaving with a pumpkin or two, be sure to save your purchase until the end so that you’re not lugging around a huge pumpkin all day. 

6. Scary Movie Night

Stay indoors in your jammies or set up an outdoor projector, a night of horror films is bound to heighten your adrenaline. Whether you decide on cult classics or some of the newer films in the horror genre, snacks are a must. Stay original with foods such as popcorn, candy, and pizza or hop on Pinterest for ideas on simple hor’s d’ oeuvres such as pigs in a blanket. You can also arrange your event to be a pot-luck style set up and feature a nacho or ice-cream bar. Click here for some yummy dorm room recipes you can make for your scary movie night!

7. Haunted Tour

Not for the faint of heart, haunted tours are available as city tours, overnight asylum stays or cemetery walks. Most likely reservations are required, do a little research to find one in your area. Be sure to have your roommate tagalong so you can avoid going home alone at night! 

8. Zombie Run

Once we’ve outgrown trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, a Zombie Run seems like the next logical step. You can use almost any costume and just add a little blood or some vampire teeth and voila- you’re a zombie ready for the apocalypse. Some communities have already established some form of zombie walk or pub crawl but you can always enlist your group to forge your own.

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