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Which College Dorm Refrigerator is Best for You?

We all know that college expenses are rarely limited to just tuition. Renting college dorm refrigerators can save money by empowering students to buy groceries and keep them fresh, as well as eliminating the need to purchase an additional appliance that may simply sit around and collect dust once the dorm days are over. Rent […]

How to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

When traveling to visit friends and relatives during the holiday break, or moving between semesters, many travelers are exposed to other people’s germs, especially in busy areas such as: airports train stations  bus terminals  taxis  …basically any public transit! So what does that mean for you? When exposed to a widespread of germs, or bacteria, your […]

Bring (TSA Approved) Holiday Food Back to Your Dorm

It’s that time of year! Board games with the family, dad sleeping on the couch “watching” football, mom topping off the pumpkin pie… mmm, pie. That’s right, this week is Thanksgiving and we know that going back to your dorm room can be a little heartbreaking after a relaxing break back home. To avoid getting super homesick here’s a […]

Make Your Dorm Room Eco-Friendly

Many people hear “climate change” and think “what’s the point?” So here are a few… four to be exact.You may have heard about climate change, but do you know what actually causes it? The “greenhouse effect” is when gases get trapped inside the earth’s atmosphere and get heated by the sun. This increases the earth’s […]


Instagram-Worthy Fall Activities

1. Tailgating Students should participate in the tailgating experience at some point in their lives if possible. Even if you are not a big sports fan, tailgating is a lot of fun and a great way to meet new people. Not much is needed to participate, however, a few key items can go a long […]

Interesting On-Campus Clubs

Going to college can be an adventure all in its own. Some students get preoccupied with their academics and forget to take advantage of all the great things their school has to offer, like student organizations and clubs. Luckily, most colleges and universities offer a wide selection for various interest clubs. So, why should you […]