Are you feeling the brash heat of summer yet? Though we’d all love to blast the AC 24/7 and put a fan in every room, you might regret doing so once you see your electric bill. Here are eight ways to stay cool this summer without breaking the bank:

1. Drink Water

Ice cold drink, refreshing drink, cold water, chilled water, cold

Drinking ice cold water will help maintain a low core temperature and will keep you nice and hydrated! Also, keep in mind that eating light foods such as raw veggies, fruit and fish will help to keep you cool as well. You can keep your produce and water chilled to perfection in your very own Door To Dorm fridge rental. There are several options to suit your space.

2. Catch a movie

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Movie theaters are usually well air-conditioned, and serve as a nice escape from the sun for a couple hours.

3. Go the beach, lake, river, springs, etc.

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In short, find a natural body of water and get in it (if it’s safe and legal to do so). Days like these are a great opportunity to pack a lunch and a cooler full of cold drinks and hang out with friends.

4. Wear light fabric and light colors

cotton clothes, summer clothes, light clothing, cool clothing, cool clothes
Shorts, shirts, T-shirts and jacket on the store shelf. Fashionable clothes on the shelves in the store. Showcase, sale, shopping. Luxury and fashionable brand new interior of the cloth store.

Cotton and linen are your best bet when it comes to staying cool and avoiding sweat stains. Light colors will reflect the sun rather than absorb it they way dark colors do.

6. Freeze your pillowcase

pillow, freeze pillow, sleep, goodnight sleep, hot summer night, cool off at night

If you find that your home is still uncomfortably hot around bedtime, stick your pillowcase in your Door To Dorm refrigerator freezer for a few minutes. Never underestimate the power of sleeping on a nice, cool pillow.

7. Avoid using the oven

Grill, Oven, Summer Cooking, Cheap Summer, Affordable Summer

A hot oven will heat up your home—summer is for grilling anyways. Have you ever tried grilled watermelon? It’s great, try it.

8. Keep your curtains closed

We know it sounds grim, but try to keep as much sunlight out of your living space as possible. The darker your home stays, the cooler it will be. Blackout curtains work best for keeping your home cool, while conserving energy.

When you’re a college student, summers can be a time to relax, adventure, and be with friends and family. On the other hand, summers can also be used as opportunities for hard work and saving up some cash. No matter how you choose to spend your summer, here are a few solid tips to make it the best one yet!

  1. Apply for a summer job/internship early in the summer

Some great job-hunting sites you may consider using, as you search for the perfect internship or job are Indeed, LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter—all of which have a mobile app as well. Before you start applying, make sure you have an updated and polished résumé as well as a neat and organized website showcasing projects you’ve done in the past. Wix and WordPress are great website building tools.

     2. The sooner you buy those plane tickets, the cheaper they’ll be

If you’re planning on going on a trip this summer, it’s best to choose the destination and buy tickets as soon as possible.  Once the tickets are purchased, you can start to plan the details of your trip (lodging, activities, etc.). Buying plane tickets as early in advance as possible is always a good idea, because the closer you get to the date of departure, the higher the price of the tickets will be. Also, be sure to conduct a thorough search of different airline sites to compare prices.

     3. Know what goes on in the hotel world

Even if you aren’t planning a trip anytime soon, staying up to date with hotel deals is always a good practice—why? Many prominent businesses in the travel industry host  flash sales throughout the year. These offer up a perfect opportunity to score discounted hotel rooms. Websites such as Expedia, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and Andrew Harper Travel all have periodic flash sales—all of which, on average, offer up to 35% off usual prices. Download one or each of these company’s apps and sign up for their newsletters! Do keep in mind that if you plan to take advantage of one of these sales, call the hotel you intend to book with beforehand and confirm that the deal is still valid.

     4. Make sure your belongings are stored somewhere safe, clean and secure

If you’re moving out of a dorm or apartment for the summer, you’ll want to store your furniture and other belongings in a facility that you can trust. Door To Dorm is a storage, shipping, and refrigerator rental company with affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. We serve over twenty universities in the northeast and provide students with the services they need. Here’s how it works: you pick your box sizes and we send them straight to your dorm or dorm hall along with all the necessary packing materials. Once you’re packed, Door To Dorm picks up your boxes and stores them in a centrally-located storage facility in New York. If you’re lucky enough to be graduating this semester, Door To Dorm will also ship your packed belongings to wherever you are going next!