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You learn a lot within the four (or maybe more) years of college. Transition is inevitable, no matter what school you go to or who you choose to socialize with. People say the majority of what you learn in college is outside of the classroom, and they’re not wrong. Here are a few of those lessons that I learned in college.

How to Balance It All

When you start off in college, there are so many new things going on. It can be hard to choose between going to a football game with your friends, or staying in to study. If you decide to join intermural sports or a student organization, balancing that with academic work while still trying to have a life outside the classroom can be pretty hard to manage at times – whether it is spending time with friends, nurturing a creative hobby, or exercising. Learning how to prioritize is one of the most important lessons to take away from college life. It is a skill you will take with you as you enter in to a work environment, and even beyond that.

Hard Work Really Does Pay Off

There is nothing you can’t accomplish with a little hard work. When you set a goal for yourself, you are fully capable of making it happen. It may take sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and probably a few tears, but if you work hard enough you’ll accomplish what you set your sights on during your college tenure. It can sometimes be hard to see past the now of a situation, but shifting your mind to see the full picture is what is going to keep you motivated and your head held high. In the end, you’ll be able to take pride in yourself, not only for reaching your destination, but for the journey it took to get there.

Anything is Possible

There are opportunities around every corner while you’re in college. Whether it’s studying abroad for a semester, or landing an internship in the city of your dreams – anything is possible when you are both determined to make it happen and put a carefully laid out plan in place to move towards your goal. College is the one time in your life where you’re main goal is to learn about the world, about yourself, and figure out what will be important to you as you enter the “adult world.”

Put it Into Perspective

Realize that what is important to you now, as a college student, is not likely to be as important to you as you experience new events in your life. If you think something is must-have-can’t-live-without-not-going-to-change-your-mind, then take a minute to read this great post on Quora about “What is the single insight that most changed your life?”. This type of perspective is important to keep in mind. You’ll need to continue to reassess what’s important to you in life as things like career, family, and children enter the picture.

Spring Break is upon us, which means Summer vacation is coming up quickly! No matter if you’re a freshman or a senior, if you haven’t had an internship yet, there’s no better time than now. Getting a degree is critical, but having experience in your field of study ranks pretty high on the importance scale as well. Internships show future employers that you’ve had real-world experience and also prove that you have put in the effort it takes to seek out, apply and complete an internship. Summer internship can be some of the best experiences of your life, so here are a few tips to assist in your summer internship venture!

Choose a City

There are so many internship opportunities it might be hard to narrow it down! If you’re finding it difficult to sort through options, I suggest choosing a city you would like to live in for a summer. It is a great way to test the waters for some place you’re considering moving to permanently after graduation. Also consider that depending on your area of study, some places might have better opportunities than others. New York is great for finance, advertising, or theater internships. Nashville is where you want to be if you’re thinking about the music industry. Los Angeles is home to numerous internships for film and television. Washington DC is ideal for gaining experience with non-profits or the government. Keep it local, travel to a place you’ve enjoyed before, or try out somewhere new you’ve never been to before but curious to explore. The possibilities really are endless!

Do Your Research

Once you’ve chosen a city, it’s time to do your research. Look at places that have what you’re interested and don’t be afraid to reach out companies that may be a good fit for you. Some companies have internship tabs on their website, while others may not. Regardless, almost everywhere has contact information and it doesn’t hurt to shoot them an email letting them know you’re interested in a summer internship. If you don’t find internships listed on the company’s website, check out Indeed.com. Also, many university’s Career Centers receive solicitations from company’s seeking internships. Making a good connection at your school’s Career Center can go a long way in getting a solid recommendation or first dibs at a new opportunity. If reaching out to a company directly to inquire about internships, send a brief email with your resume. Be more concise in order to be respectful of the HR Manager’s time. And, it is always better to have your resume as a link rather than an attachment. Don’t forget to have your LinkedIn profile filled in completely and highlight skills relevant to the internship you want. This helps build the picture of who you are and how you can contribute to the company you approach.

Don’t be Afraid of Rejection

Sometimes companies really don’t have a spot available, are only looking for particular qualifications, or if it’s with a larger company, can have a lot of applicants. Whatever the reason, if you’re not getting the responses you want, don’t worry! It only takes one yes for you to get that summer internship. So continue to apply know that your yes is right around the corner!

Companies will be impressed by your persistence and dedication. Hard work really does pay off, and that’s something that people will recognize. Once you’ve landed your summer internship, be prepared to treat it like a job and try to soak up as much knowledge as you can. If that means staying a little later, or offering to assist with a new project, putting in the extra effort will benefit you in the long run!

Taking a summer internship can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of your career. With summer just around the corner, the deadlines are coming along with it for most companies. If you haven’t already applied and/or interviewed for any internships this summer, you definitely want to act now. If you are still a bit “ify” about the whole deal, here are a few pros vs cons that might help with you ultimate decision.

Pro: Networking. Introduce yourself to as many people as you can, engage in conversation and get to know your peers. Networking is one of the easiest and best things that can help you in your career.

Pro: Advantage. If after your graduate, you decide you want to re-apply at the same company you interned with,  they will remember your name and work ethic because you showed them during your internship.

Pro: References. Your boss at your summer internship will make a great reference for future job opportunities. Work hard and earn those letters of recommendation!

Pro: Experience. Whether paid or not, you’re still getting experience which will benefit you in the long-run throughout your career.

Wait, we forgot to mention a con…

Con: Not doing a summer internship will make you miss out on all these pros!

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow, will be our doubts of today.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

Here is a few internship websites to help you get started: