With the fall semester right around the corner, you’re going to need something that will help you get through late night study sessions, lunch breaks, and everyday dorm life. What could possibly help with all of the above? It sounds like you need an appliance that is a triple threat, aka the ultimate dorm necessity. You need the MicroChill®, and lucky for you, your friends at Door To Dorm can hook you up. We offer the best college dorm refrigerators for students in the New York City area. Check out the schools we services here.

Let’s take a quick recap of what makes this appliance a triple threat:

  1. Microwave – Check
  2. Refrigerator – Check
  3. Freezer – Check

So why give this appliance the honorable nickname “Mean Green MicroChill® Machine”? It is among the leading college dorm refrigerators that many students love having.

Also, the MicroChill® is the Industry leader in Eco-Friendly compact college dorm refrigerators and combination appliances. Not only is it energy efficient and space-saving, but it also requires a single plug for three appliances that every college student needs. This space-saving design is perfect for a single dorm room, plus it can be available for a single semester or all year-long rentals (save money and get the best value with a year-long rental)!

This three-in-one unit makes eating easy and economical, with a freezer compartment coupled with a refrigerator. This allows for more food storage/preservation options. Plus, the microwave ensures that this food will actually get eaten!

Avoid the stress and strain of worrying about purchasing a refrigerator, and having to move it in and out of your dorm room. Contact the college dorm refrigerator experts at Door To Dorm.

If you aren’t convinced yet, let us remind you that our refrigerator rentals are delivered directly to your residence hall at a time and date that coincides with your move-in schedule! We literally make it easy as 1, 2, and 3!

Save money by renting for the whole year! Click here to reserve your very own MicroChill® for this upcoming semester.

When you’re a college student, summers can be a time to relax, adventure, and be with friends and family. On the other hand, summers can also be used as opportunities for hard work and saving up some cash. No matter how you choose to spend your summer, here are a few solid tips to make it the best one yet!

  1. Apply for a summer job/internship early in the summer

Some great job-hunting sites you may consider using, as you search for the perfect internship or job are Indeed, LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter—all of which have a mobile app as well. Before you start applying, make sure you have an updated and polished résumé as well as a neat and organized website showcasing projects you’ve done in the past. Wix and WordPress are great website building tools.

     2. The sooner you buy those plane tickets, the cheaper they’ll be

If you’re planning on going on a trip this summer, it’s best to choose the destination and buy tickets as soon as possible.  Once the tickets are purchased, you can start to plan the details of your trip (lodging, activities, etc.). Buying plane tickets as early in advance as possible is always a good idea, because the closer you get to the date of departure, the higher the price of the tickets will be. Also, be sure to conduct a thorough search of different airline sites to compare prices.

     3. Know what goes on in the hotel world

Even if you aren’t planning a trip anytime soon, staying up to date with hotel deals is always a good practice—why? Many prominent businesses in the travel industry host flash sales throughout the year. These offer up a perfect opportunity to score discounted hotel rooms. Websites such as Expedia, Preferred Hotels & Resorts, and Andrew Harper Travel all have periodic flash sales—all of which, on average, offer up to 35% off usual prices. Download one or each of these company’s apps and sign up for their newsletters! Do keep in mind that if you plan to take advantage of one of these sales, call the hotel you intend to book with beforehand and confirm that the deal is still valid.

     4. Make sure your belongings are stored somewhere safe, clean and secure

If you’re moving out of a dorm or apartment for the summer, you’ll want to store your furniture and other belongings in a facility that you can trust. Door To Dorm is a storage, shipping, and refrigerator rental company with affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. We serve over twenty universities in the northeast and provide students with the services they need. Here’s how it works: you pick your box sizes and we send them straight to your dorm or dorm hall along with all the necessary packing materials. Once you’re packed, Door To Dorm picks up your boxes and stores them in a centrally-located storage facility in New York. If you’re lucky enough to be graduating this semester, Door To Dorm will also ship your packed belongings to wherever you are going next!

Move-in day is fast approaching, and the excitement is building! Perhaps you’ve already thought about the décor and the vibe you want your dorm to have, but before you get too carried away, we invite you to take a look at a couple of dorm room essentials.

What does your dorm look like?

Before you buy or pack anything ask yourself this, how big is your dorm? What’s the layout, and how much room do you have? Also, be sure to get in touch with your future roommate and ask what they intend to bring with them. Maybe they have a TV or game console they’re planning to bring so you may not need to bring yours, or vise versa. You two will have to work together to figure out how to utilize your space in the most efficient way possible. No matter what the layout of your dorm is, it’s not going to be a very large space—so don’t overpack and remember to be considerate of your future roommate.

Door Room Essentials – The Basics

If neither you nor your new roommate have a mini fridge or microwave, you can rent one, or both (2-in-one microchill) from us at Door to Dorm! A mini fridge may not seem like dorm room essentials, but you’ll be wishing you had one when all you want is a cold drink while you study, or a place to stick your leftovers. Speaking of, saving money on leftovers is worth the investment- how will you heat up your leftovers without a microwave? Microwaves are a convenient thing to have, but we’ll let you make the ultimate decision. You’ll also have to bring a trash can. Ask your roommate if they would be alright with sharing one, kitchen-sized trash can. If you both have your own small cans, they will fill up too quickly and you’ll both find yourselves constantly taking out your tiny bag of trash. If you share a can you can make one garbage bag last longer and take turns taking out the trash.

Stay Organized

It can be a challenge to keep a small space clean and uncluttered—that’s why organization is key. More often than not, a dresser and a desk will be provided for you in the dorm. But if you find that the dresser doesn’t hold all your clothes, or the desk doesn’t hold all your school supplies—plastic storage drawers take up very little space, and can be used to store almost anything.

Cleaning Materials

If you’re living with someone else, you’ll have to tidy up from time to time (for your own sanity, you should even if you have a single). A handheld vacuum is a life-saver in the dorms, especially if your dorm’s floor is carpeted. A full-size vacuum would take up far too much space, but a small dust buster will definitely come in handy. If your dorm floor is tile or wood, be sure to bring a small broom and dustpan too. Some fabric freshener, disinfectant wipes and glass cleaner will help to keep your dorm tidy as well.

Bring the Power

Between your chargers and your snazzy decorative lights—you may find that you and your roommate are running low on outlets. Make sure to bring a power strip with you and encourage your roommate to do the same. Extension cords also prove extremely convenient when you realize your phone charger doesn’t quite reach from the outlet you’re using to your bed. Just make sure you’re following codes so you don’t accidentally start a fire- that would be bad!

Make Shower Time Easy

Shower kits are definitely dorm room essentials. If your dorm has a community bathroom, make sure to bring a unique towel (you don’t want anyone mistaking your towel for theirs), shower shoes, and a shower caddy. Even if you have the luxury of having your own bathroom that you share with your roommate/suitemates, a shower caddy is still a good idea. If you share a bathroom with your roommate(s), it’s just polite to leave the bathroom clean and clear of all your stuff. A shower caddy will make it easy to get in and out of the shower with all your belongings.

Make it Cozy

Don’t forget to bring your favorite pillow and blanket from home. Everybody gets a little homesick every once in a while, so it’s important to always have a piece of home to comfort us when we’re feeling down. A framed picture of your family and pet(s) may help to make your dorm feel more like home as well.

We all know that college expenses are rarely limited to just tuition. Renting college dorm refrigerators can save money by empowering students to buy groceries and keep them fresh, as well as eliminating the need to purchase an additional appliance that may simply sit around and collect dust once the dorm days are over. Rent a refrigerator for the semester or school year with Door To Dorm! Our college dorm refrigerators are all pre-approved by the school and we deliver all units to the dorm buildings. We know that safety is a priority, and that’s why we offer top quality dorm refrigerators. Door To Dorm offers products that are not only safe and reliable, but that makes sense for any college student living in a dorm. To avoid overwhelming students, we offer four college dorm refrigerator rental options, all with energy-efficient, space-saving capabilities that every college student needs to feel a little more at home! 

First up is a fan favorite:


college dorm refrigerators

Need a fridge, freezer, and microwave? The MicroChill® has it all! It was designed with the intention to save space, as well as being eco-friendly. The recessed handle and flush back design ensures its compatibility, the MicroChill® is perfect for a single dorm room or a smaller apartment.  The three-in-one combination makes this perfect for students:

  • A compact refrigerator with plenty of room to keep for drinks, snacks and food cold all year long!
  • A freezer compartment coupled with refrigerator allows for more food storage/preservation options. 
  • The microwave ensures the food in your fridge and freezer will actually get eaten! 

* Available for both semester and year-long rental – save money and get the best value with a year-long rental!

Refrigerator Freezer 

best mini fridge for dorm

The two-door design allows for double the storage, plus the flush back design with recessed handles alleviates any spacing issues. This is your standard fridge/freezer combo with:

  • A compact refrigerator with plenty of room to keep for drinks, snacks and food cold all year long!
  • A completely separate freezer allows for the change of temperature in either unit; both operate independently. 

* Available for both semester and year-long rental – save money and get the best value with a year-long rental!

Large Refrigerator 

dorm fridge dimensions

If you don’t need a separate freezer, then the Large Refrigerator is the way to go. This fridge is counter height, with a flush back and recessed handle that saves space and stays low profile. Within the refrigerator, there is a compact mini freezer compartment coupled inside which allows for more space and storage!

* Available for both semester and year-long rental – save money and get the best value with a year-long rental!

Compact Cube 

Want to opt-out of a freezer? The Compact Cube is for you. This little guy is perfect for a single student living in a small dorm, or apartment. It has enough space for a two-liter of soda, (or any beverage of your choice), with wires on the side shelf to hold items in place. Its flush back design with recessed handles allows for further placement options within a room. 

* Available for both semester and year-long rental – save money and get the best value with a year-long rental!

All of our units are safe and reliable – if there is ever an issue with a unit not working, we are easy to get a hold of and take action quickly to resolve the issue. We know that safety is a priority, and that’s why we offer top quality dorm refrigerators. Whichever route you decide to go, Door To Dorm is the way to go!

Have more questions about our college dorm refrigerators, or our products? Visit our FAQs page, or contact us!

Living in a dorm can be both exciting and rough. Learning useful dorm life hacks can make all the difference between getting to class, passing exams, and staying engaged with your work. In this article, we’re covering the ultimate study strategies survival guide.

Studying can be the ultimate source of dread in a student’s life. Sitting down to focus on schoolwork can be quite a challenge. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of ways you can make your studying experience more enjoyable.  Before you begin studying, it’s important to know the environment in which you work best and try to create it. Here are some ultimate dorm life hacks for your study habits and, no, cramming for your exam did not make our list. 

Establish an award


Figure out an appropriate award to grant yourself once you’ve completed all your studying. This will implement a good source of motivation from the beginning, and give you something to look forward to. You can promise yourself video games, time with friends or maybe a yummy dinner from your favorite restaurant.   

Create a comfortable study space  


Whether it be your bed, your desk, or the floor. Find the space where you would like to work and make it yours. Some students find they have an easier time focusing when they’re sitting at a desk or table, but others have no problem putting some pillows and blankets on the floor and studying that way. Whatever you choose, make sure it is comfortable space that you can spend long periods of time in.  

Put on some classical music


Okay, it doesn’t have to be classical music, but it has been known to help listeners relax and create a meditative atmosphere. Another benefit of classical music is that it doesn’t have lyrics, which helps you focus on your studying materials instead of what the music is saying. If Mozart and Bach are not your cup of tea, pick another genre that you know won’t distract you while you study and puts you in a good mood. Maybe lyricless trap beats?

Take breaks


Be sure to take a fifteen-minute break every hour or so. Let your brain decompress. Take a power nap or grab a snack from your mini fridge. Take your snack outside and get some fresh air, call your parent and tell them you love them, do some stretching and let your mind be completely clear for a few minutes. You’ll find that once you return to your studying, you will feel refreshed and ready to take in even more knowledge.  

Keep the benefits in mind


If you start to get agitated or discouraged as you’re studying, try to keep in mind that you’re learning something new, and that’s fantastic! All knowledge is power in the long run, and even if you don’t realize it now, you’ll be better off in the future for having taken the time to understand the subject you’re studying, or at the least learning how to persevere when you find a subject less than exciting.  Plus, you’re going to pass that exam!

Eating the Right Foods


Here are the ultimate dorm life hacks: eat good food daily! Eating well-balanced meals isn’t just something your mom tells you to keep you healthy. In fact, studies have shown that eating nutritiously dense meals can aid in studying and retention. Similarly, fast-food can make you feel full and sluggish, which is counteractive to productive studying. We recommend stocking up your college dorm refrigerators with water (to stay hydrated), fruits, vegetables, and proteins.